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The post below was a comment under a YouTube video. I don’t know who this person is but they sound like they know something. A couple key points made are that 5G activates the Corona virus (and others) and makes people susceptible to it.

Point Three (below) argues that bombarding the virus with its inherent resonant frequency could disintegrate it.

Point Seven – electrons start to spin backward activating the virus. This might imply that Shungite can prevent damage from the virus because it reverses the spin. Note that 5G was being tested in Wuhan where the virus first got loose.

Point Nine argues that 5G could even activate dormant ancient viruses causing them to wreak even more havoc on the population.

– Jeremiah Pathwalk in posting below on Facebook


One: If you are infected why would you need to vaccinate against something you have had?

Two: You cannot just add in an attenuated virus with just saline and get it into the cellular immune system. ET’s know this. If that was the case science would NOT use excipients and adjuvants.
Three: ET’s could just measure the frequency of this strain of corona and they could come up with the frequency to obliterate the virus without harming you. And one of the most intelligent engineers 500 miles outside of Wuhan in which my colleagues are in touch with have done just this without the help of ET’s. They took the coronavirus and they measured it’s frequency and this is ongoing as it mutates the frequency will then change. And they are pulsating frequency and dismantling the corona frequency. I do not like to use the word kill as viruses are already dead but that is another talk in itself.

Four: Several studies have been done on vaccinating with corona virus. Corona virus vaccine given on four different occasions to animals and then they were subjected to just the common cold corona virus after vaccination all had lung hemorrhage.

Five: Yes a nasty virus was man-made and let loose and many in the level 4 bio-weapons lab in Wuhan did die. This virus does have four HIV-1 inserts on it so it is obvious that it is man-made. Unless Judy Mikovits is lying to us and I am one of the biggest activists in the world when it comes to protecting the medical health freedom of children around the world and have met with Judy on occasion. I’ve lectured at autism one with her. You would have to avoid this virus by wearing a level 4 bio-weapon facility hazmat suit.

Six: The people dying from this virus are being hit with 5g and this is NOT A SCHUMANN 5G IT IS A 60GHz frequency pulsating through the cells of humans PERIOD!!!!!!!
Seven: When this 60 GHz hits people with cell wall permeability issues, their polarity gets reversed and this causes their electrons (negative ion charge) to start spinning backwards and these electrons for example in the alveolar (lung sacs in lung tissue) are spinning backwards attached to the oxygen molecule in the lung and they start to suffocate.

Eight: Question why this is only happening to Princess cruise lines. Why? They just so happened to sign a contract with a military bio weapons company to give them their state of the art 5g that went online about 6 weeks ago. Why did only a few get ill before they started to quarantine? These were the ones with cell wall permeability issues and you mix that will someone spreading Wuhan corona and weaponized 5g you are in for a shit storm. Now you wonder what the hell is going on so you start to immobilize everyone in their cabins and they consistently get 5g pulsated upon them 24/7 then their cell walls become compromised and now you have a man-made retrovirus on board and BAM! they get it.

Nine: At 60 GHz you cause retroviruses to come out of dormancy in the body. Remember you have ancestral lineage and your DNA is a recording so you can start seeing the mother of all viruses that have been thought not to walk this planet for eons abruptly come out with 60 GHz and they know what they are doing. Actually you are going to see scorching cases of genital herpes and other herpes viruses like epstein barr rear their ugly heads because the dead rise at 60 GHz. Same with HIV and ebola, many have it encoded on their DNA and the right frequency can make the dead dance on DNA.

Ten: We must always be leerie of anything we are channeling that is not our prime creator. Anything else can make shit smell like roses and we will all fall for it. But those who only channel to source can smell all others demons, malevolent ET or whatever they want to call themselves a mile away and are protected by their creator. This is what the awakening is the awakening is however you want to spin it awakening/revealing/revelations and there is not one human on this planet that cannot be hoodwinked by whatever they are. Creator is the only one I choose to connect to for this reason because I know where I am at in this spot on the universe. I say spot because there is no time and this has already happened. It is a microsecond of something much larger no pun intended. – Sterling Hill (You Tube)




ポイント7 –電子が逆回転してウイルスを活性化し始めます。これは、Shungiteがスピンを反転させるため、ウイルスによる損傷を防ぐことができることを意味している可能性があります。 5Gはウイルスが最初に解放された武漢でテストされていたことに注意してください。

Point Nineは、5Gが休止状態の古代ウイルスを活性化して、人口をさらに破壊する可能性があると主張しています。




2:弱毒化されたウイルスを生理食塩水だけで追加して、細胞性免疫システムに取り込むことはできません。 ETはこれを知っています。その場合、科学は賦形剤やアジュバントを使用しません。



7:この60 GHzが細胞壁透過性の問題を抱えている人に当たると、極性が反転し、電子(負のイオン電荷)が逆方向に回転し始め、たとえば肺胞(肺組織の肺嚢)にあるこれらの電子が逆方向に回転します。肺の酸素分子に付着し、窒息し始めます。


ナイン:60 GHzでは、レトロウイルスが体内の休眠状態から抜け出します。先祖の家系があり、DNAが記録であることを思い出してください。この惑星を永遠に歩かないと考えられていたすべてのウイルスの母が60 GHzで突然出現し、彼らが何をしているのかを知ることができます。実際には、60 GHzで死者が上がるため、性器ヘルペスやエプスタインバールのような他のヘルペスウイルスの灼熱のケースが醜い頭を後ろから見るでしょう。 HIVやエボラと同じように、多くの人がDNAにエンコードしており、適切な頻度でDNAを死に至らせることができます。